TAXI DRIVER & his ‘father’

I am fully aware NOT to be a film critic; but I do love ‘the seventh art’, and so I am gonna share with you an idea of a few nights ago.

NETFLIX. Watching Scorsese’s MEAN STREETS (USA, 1973) I cannot help myself to think: “that’s where TAXI DRIVER was born.. that’s where Travis Bickle was born!!”

In fact, if you just look the pics attached, well.. enough said.

COMMON STUFF: SCORSESE!!.. and much more: De Niro as a psychopath, Keitel, Scorsese’s cameo in a car, darkness, cars, guns, language, Vietnam War, New York City, sadness, melancholy, particular woman character, unhealthy lovestory, tough friendship

John ‘Johnny Boy’ Civello is the bow and Travis is the arrow.

“YOU TALKIN’ TO ME?   YOU TALKIN’ TO ME?”  maybe started in 1973.

Frankly speaking, MEAN STREETS is NOT a masterpiece like TAXI DRIVER, of course; but for more than a reason, I suggest you to have a look.




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